Highlights: New Credit Card Deals

We’ve been mixing things up on CardRatings with our credit card news blog and a new series of feature articles. Some of my recent favorites:

* The six best credit cards for parents. This ran as a Mother’s Day special, but it’s got some great ideas for Dads, too.
* The five best credit cards for recent college grads. New regulations make it tougher for students to get credit, but deals get better if you wait until graduation to open your own account.
* New credit card deals coming. Now that the delinquency rate on credit cards in the U.S. has dropped back to relative “normal,” investors have started pressuring banks to increase their personal lending portfolios. Expect some great balance transfer deals into the summer.

I love having a team like Curtis, Tim, and Amber, who keep challenging me to find great stories that help our readers save money. Check out what they’ve done with the archives to make it easier to find relevant articles.