Under normal circumstances, I try to respond to communication by the close of the following business day. You can get the quickest response by connecting with me in this order:


The fastest way to reach me:


My office line: 856-497-9798.

Social Media

Snail Mail

When it absolutely, positively comes in a box that’s better off not being hidden behind a bush by my UPS driver, mail it to:

Joe Taylor Jr.
c/o Johns & Taylor, LLC
833 Haddon Ave. #504
Collingswood, NJ 08108


As I mentioned in this blog post, I’m no longer on Twitter in any meaningful way.


I probably don’t use LinkedIn “correctly.” Which is to say, I typically only accept network requests from folks I have interacted with in person, or with whom I’ve worked on a project. I find this allows me to keep my online network pretty tight, while preventing cold callers from slamming my personal network with requests. If you’d like to touch base, follow any of the steps above before reaching out on LinkedIn.

Facebook / Snapchat / Others

I don’t use Facebook Messenger or Snapchat in any meaningful way. If you send me any messages there, it could take months for me to see them. Just send me an e-mail.

Please keep in mind that any materials sent to any of these addresses are subject to public posting, praise, or ridicule. I regret that I cannot always review unsolicited press releases, CDs, or marketing material, but I do try. I already have enough NDAs in my life, but I will honor embargo requests. I generally only connect on LinkedIn with folks I have met in person or worked with for a significant amount of time, so if your request has been hanging out there for a while, just use the steps above.