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User Experience

Unlike the many excellent UX professionals who are young enough to have been offered an actual college degree in the field, I'm an accidental user experience expert.

When I worked in radio, I started building websites to promote my station. Later, I started building websites for clients who liked what they saw. That led to developing some of the first content management systems at major television and radio stations, along with my first consulting gig for AOL.

Since then, I've been helping my clients eliminate the barriers between them and their perfect audiences. In the past few years, I streamlined my "over the shoulder" UX coaching into a more formal consulting practice. I earned a Master Certification in User Experience from the industry-leading experts at the Nielsen/Norman Group, and my development work now focuses almost exclusively on UX research and development implementation.

Today, with my partners at Johns & Taylor, I specialize in helping my clients surprise and delight their customers with fast, efficient, fun digital experiences.