Here’s the deal.

I write and produce media for a living, about lots of topics.

I write my own books and weblogs, but I also create plenty of things for clients. I’m lucky enough that I don’t have to produce anything I don’t believe in, or for anyone I can’t stand working for.

Did you tweet something during our meeting?

I use social media to promote the things I make (including some things I make for clients). Often, that means scheduling material to hit at the times of day people will most likely notice it, and respond to it.

Sometimes, that material shows up while I’m meeting face-to-face with a client, speaking with someone on the telephone, or cranking out something at my desk.

If you see something appear on any of my streams or in your inbox at a time you’d expect me to not be on social media, don’t worry. I’m not ignoring you or neglecting my job. One of my preferred publishing tools, like WordPress, MeetEdgar, Buffer, or ConvertKit, likely released it on time delay. (If you actually watched me tweet something during our meeting, consider that the meeting was… not going well.)

Did you block me on Twitter?

At some point in the near past, I used a once-popular list-sharing tool to manage my social media presence. That tool, it turns out, went rogue after some users hijacks a few trusted, shared blocklists. That automatically blocked many thousands of users from my personal Twitter handle, without my specific knowledge. If you’re offended because you think I blocked you, assume that the bot did it and feel free to communicate with me via my contact page. (If I meant to block you, you’ll know.)

Do you make money from affiliate links?

Yes. I sometimes use affiliate links to Amazon.com and to other trusted e-commerce sites when those links would quickly help my audience gain access to something I’m excited about. When I write sponsored posts, I’ll disclose the sponsor and the nature of our relationship. I’ll also disclose when I hold an financial stake in the subject of any article.

Why do you keep referencing all these shows on Peacock?

Yes. And I tend to recommend shows like Girls5Eva, The Amber Ruffin Show, and Rutherford Falls because I think they’re great. I also did some consulting work for Comcast NBCUniversal during the launch of Peacock, and there are a bunch of great folks there and at Universal Content Productions working hard to make really compelling entertainment. (To that end, go watch Loot and Hacks, two Universal shows on other streaming platforms.)

I get nothing tangible for talking about these shows beyond the satisfaction of highlighting excellent work. If there’s anything else in my social media streams that looks like a potential conflict of interest, it’s likely already covered in my ethics and disclosure post.

In summary:

Anything you see attributed to me online represents my opinions alone, and not necessarily the positions of my employers or my clients, past, present, or future. If you have any concerns about anything you’ve seen under my byline, please contact me.

-Joe Taylor Jr.
(Last updated August 5, 2022.)