I’ve maintained some form of personal weblog since 1997. Here’s a collection of all the things I’ve published to my personal site, along with some highlights from other places I’ve been published.

Rain in a puddle.
Personal Blog

Cover Me Up

Had some minor outpatient surgery this week—everything is fine—but, in an effort to provide excellent customer service, my surgeon’s assistants said I

A conductor stands in front of two trolley cars idling at the transit loop in Darby Borough, sometime in the 1920s.
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Beyond Route 13

Originally a path for Quaker immigrants to travel between Philadelphia and Wilmington, Route 13 got its official highway number in the late

an animated young woman uses a magnifying glass to squint at a desktop computer display
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Search and Replace

Our Podcast Taxi team worked hard all summer, so our first original podcast series, “Search and Replace” could launch as planned this

Extra Personal

Mellow Yellow

When I worked at World Cafe, we spent an afternoon recording a session with Donovan. He’s one of the genuinely nicest guys

U.S. Armed Forces ID for Joseph Taylor Sr.
Extra Personal

In memoriam: Joe Taylor Sr. 1945-2020

My dad loved cars, music, and his family.  One of six siblings growing up in West Philadelphia (and, later, East Lansdowne), every story

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Extra Personal

Silence is violence.

Mine isn’t the voice anyone needs to hear right now about the systemic racism that keeps tearing our nation apart. Yet, as

Facebook offices in Seattle
Personal Blog

How I’m using Facebook these days

Earlier in the year, I wrote about getting louder and how I hadn’t really been active on Facebook very much in the past few

Podcast Taxi Logo
Personal Blog

Introducing Podcast Taxi

It was just a matter of time. For years, I’ve been recommending podcasts, audiobooks, and other personal audio recordings as a pillar

Glenn Tilbrook on stage
Personal Blog

An Hourglass and a Flower Pot

It’s the fall of 1987. There’s a new kid on the school bus. An Army brat, if I remember, or maybe the

Content Marketing

Marketing on the post-organic web

The “level playing field” we enjoyed online from the early 2000s now looks a lot more like broadcast media from the late

Slot Machine One Handed Bandit Game. Rolling Drums. Casinos and Gambling Industry.
Content Marketing

Measuring your messaging’s real ROI

You’ve got “reach.” You’ve got “engagement.” You’ve even got “amplification.” But all the online media jargon in the world won’t help you


Letting Go of Old SEO Habits

If you’re getting SEO advice from anyone, remember that the best experts in the field know that what they’re selling you works right now, but isn’t guaranteed to work as well next year, and may not even work at all in 18 months. Remember, we’re just hitting the “let’s pave the highways” phase of digital media.

orange megaphone
Personal Blog

Getting louder in 2019.

On their Rework podcast, the Basecamp team expressed their desire to become a Facebook-Free Company. (DHH wrote an article about this on

Bokeh Lights
Personal Blog

Revisiting my favorite World Cafe sessions

It’s been a year of reinvention for me.

2820 Press has been rolling along for six years now, and it’s been a long time since I’ve had bandwidth to devote to personal projects.

Maybe that’s why I’ve been reflecting a lot lately on parts of my career that have been in the rear view mirror for a while.