Work with Me

I love working with clients who make great stuff, who engage with their customers, and who want to make a real impact through their businesses. All of my projects start with a complimentary discovery session over video chat, so we can learn whether we’ll be a great fit.

After spending a few years focused on the user experience work we’ve been doing at Johns & Taylor, I recently opened up a handful of spots in my professional development coaching practice.

While “consulting” involves me telling you what I think you should do, “coaching” gives us a platform where I can ask you questions about what’s going in your career or in your business, so we can collaborate on a plan to navigate through your present and future challenges.

I typically work with creative professionals and entrepreneurs working in:

  • Technology, especially Agile development
  • Music and entertainment
  • Writing, arts, and culture

My most successful coaching relationships, across my entire 30+ year career, have been with folks who want to make great things — whether those are software products, businesses, books, albums, or tours. I’m especially good at helping my coaching clients navigate the conflicts between their creative pull and the needs of their businesses.

Over a six-month engagement, we’ll work together on identifying and overcoming the roadblocks to your professional goals. Some of my past clients have worked with me on issues such as:

  • Maneuvering through a career change (like switching roles, or even industries).
  • Working through a battle with “imposter syndrome.”
  • Building better relationships with bosses, clients, or peers in your workplace.
  • Integrating your full, creative self in your work.

Every month, we’ll meet for three, 45-minute sessions via Skype. You’ll also gain access to at least one “office hours” session every month where you can connect with me and with other participants in our coaching program. (Office hours are open to both active clients and “alumni,” so you’ll retain access to these even after our engagement has wrapped up.) We’ll focus our time on identifying blockers, and holding you accountable for following through on our proposed resolutions.

During our coaching engagement, I’ll also assign various homework assignments that you can complete on our secure member portal. We’ll also refer to my “syllabus,” a group of core texts that have served me well over the years. And you’ll have access to me and to our Johns & Taylor team via a private Slack channel, so you can ping us with questions or ideas at any time.

Your investment for our work together is $995/month. We can also work with you if you’re getting our engagement paid for or reimbursed through your employer. (Each monthly retainer is fully-refundable within 30 days for any reason.) You can reserve your slot on my coaching roster, or click the button below to reserve a discounted half-hour session to see if we’re going to be a good fit.

Book a Coaching “Get to Know Us” Session

As the director of the user experience consulting practice at Johns & Taylor, I specialize in helping business leaders validate and polish their ideas for digital experiences. From there, I translate those ideas into action items for development teams, ensuring that front-end and back-end specialists don’t collide with each other along the way.

Over the past few years, I’ve been wading back into radio and podcasting by producing my own interview series and by developing other shows for clients. Recently, Lori and I rolled this into a new service we’re calling Podcast Taxi. We specialize in making weekly shows for hosts who want the kind of support I used to provide my air talent when I produced nationally syndicated radio series.