Work with Me

I love working with clients who make great stuff, who engage with their customers, and who want to make a real impact through their businesses. All of my projects start with a complimentary discovery session over video chat, so we can learn whether we’ll be a great fit.

User Experience Audits & Consulting

The difference between coaching and consulting, according to one of my personal favorite consultants is: “coaching is when I ask you what you think you should do, consulting is when I tell you what you really should do.” As the director of the user experience consulting practice at Johns & Taylor, I specialize in helping business leaders validate and polish their ideas for digital experiences. From there, I translate those ideas into action items for development teams, ensuring that front-end and back-end specialists don’t collide with each other along the way.

Audiobook & Podcast Production

Over the past few years, I’ve been wading back into radio and podcasting by producing my own interview series and by developing other shows for clients. Recently, Lori and I rolled this into a new service we’re calling Podcast Taxi. We specialize in making weekly shows for hosts who want the kind of support I used to provide my air talent when I produced nationally syndicated radio series.