Introducing Podcast Taxi

It was just a matter of time.

For years, I’ve been recommending podcasts, audiobooks, and other personal audio recordings as a pillar of a successful content marketing strategy. In a media environment that’s become so crowded and noisy, podcasts still offer the potential to build strong relationships with audiences without interference from bots or clickbait.

Sure, as a former public radio producer, I admitted a certain bias toward audio production. After producing some podcast episodes for our clients at 2820 Press, our team helped me launch my own series. It was our way of “walking the talk” and building the kind of show that gave us a platform for compelling conversations while still attracting attention from potential clients.

While making three seasons of that show, our team observed a flight to quality among podcast audiences. Not only must podcasts contain compelling information, they’ve got to sound professional to be taken seriously. Our team’s worked with excellent post-production partners, some of whom we’ll still have on speed-dial to help with new projects. However, I haven’t seen a true turnkey podcast production solution for busy professionals — so I created one.

Today, I’m saying farewell to the 2820 Press brand (and I’ll share more of the reasons for that decision over time.) Although I’m still solving digital user experience challenges for clients under our Johns & Taylor banner, I’m reserving most of my time for new projects as the lead producer for Podcast Taxi.

Even though some folks think we’ve hit “peak podcast” already, I’m convinced we’re not yet at the “end of the beginning” for personal, digital audio:

  • Audio’s still the only medium that listeners can truly enjoy while working, exercising, or driving.
  • Although blogs and videos are constantly getting ripped off and re-posted into low-quality knockoffs, successful podcasters build audiences with unique voices and formats.
  • Hardware manufacturers, distributors, and advertisers have all placed big bets on the format’s success.

Our team’s leaving stealth mode and we’re soft-launching Podcast Taxi as our solution to help our clients capture their best selves and captive their audiences — without forcing them to learn how to produce and edit their own shows.

We’re working primarily with authors, entertainers, and business professionals who know that they need a high quality podcast in their marketing mix — but that they shouldn’t bear the opportunity cost to do all the work themselves.

Leading this great team brings me back to a core set of skills that I honed during my time in radio, where I produced more than 2,000 hours of content for network syndication. We’re making podcasting simple for our clients by:

  • Handling pre-production tasks, including segment research and guest logistics,
  • Coaching our clients through successful session recordings,
  • Delivering broadcast-quality post-production services, ensuring that each recording sounds clear, concise, and focused, and
  • Publishing fully-accessible recordings to our clients’ preferred platforms, ensuring that transcripts, show notes, and social media blurbs add even more value to every episode.

When new clients sign up for Podcast Taxi, they’ll get white-glove service and a predictable, weekly cadence for distribution. Best of all, our clients can stay focused on what they do best, and our production team will worry about the day-to-day elements of assembling a compelling podcast series.

We’re only taking on a few new projects per month, so hit up my calendar if you’ve got any questions. Or, if you’re ready to sign up right now, you can sign up for the next available production cycle on our new Podcast Taxi website.

I’ve been working with our Podcast Taxi team and with our key advisors for the past six months, ensuring that our systems and processes will set new standards for client experience and for audience delight. I’m so excited to get back into routine audio production again, and I’m eager for the chance to build platforms for powerful new voices in our community.

Joe Taylor Jr. has produced stories about media, technology, entertainment, and personal finance for over 25 years. His work has been featured on NPR, CNBC, Financial Times Television, and ABC News. After launching one of public radio's first successful digital platforms, Joe helped dozens of client companies launch or migrate their online content libraries. Today, Joe serves as a user experience consultant for a variety of Fortune 500 and Inc. 5000 businesses. Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

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