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Things are picking back up at the music business blog, now that I’m shifting back from book-writing mode and into blogging mode. Recent headlines:

Social Media Tools that Grow Your Audience

I hear echoes of what I wrote five years ago in Zach Pentel’s dismissive comments about MySpace Music in this Mashable writeup of music business social media tools: “Since MySpace Music has failed to show much staying power…” A few years ago, bands were turning their entire web presence over to MySpace. Today, we spend a lot of time talking about Facebook. And there’s already an undercurrent about Twitter.

Predicting the “Death of Twitter.”

Too many artists rely far too heavily on social media as the foundation of their music business growth strategy. Keep an eye on the next big wave of technology users: kids. Find a child in your family between the ages of 11-15. Chances are, they’re not on Twitter, and they don’t have any desire to be.

Believing Your Own Story

One of the most important things Godin said in the book for me was: “You have to believe your own story.” If you aren’t sure that you’re the best emo-folker or the best renaissance troubadour from far, far away how are you going to keep striving to be that and gain your fans trust and love.

Mailbag: Music Management Degrees in New York City

I’ve been in NYC for almost 3 years, and I’m from Brazil. I graduated in Psychology in Rio de Janeiro, but I worked as a music therapist and music production for 4 years. Since I came to NYC, I’m searching some courses and universities in music management, but I can find one. Maybe you can help me.

The last item is a fun one: I’m opening up the mailbag, since I haven’t got the amount of time I’d like to open up to new coaching clients this year. Submit a music business-related question to joetaylor@spinme.com and I’ll answer it on the blog. Our weekly newsletter goes out at 1:30 ET today, and there’s a special bonus for folks who get in on this week’s issue.


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