I’ve maintained some form of personal weblog since 1997. Here’s a collection of all the things I’ve published to my personal site, along with some highlights from other places I’ve been published.

Personal Blog

Getting physical.

As we’ve been recruiting guests for season two of “The Build” I’ve found myself steering toward founders who share my bias for


Business Blogging for Results

What’s the result you’re trying to get when you post something to your blog? Many of my clients ask me to help


The Zero Stack Startup

Most of the founders I talk with on my podcast, The Build, didn’t start their companies with huge investors behind them. Sometimes,

Newspaper Honor Boxes
Marketing & Promotion

#TheNewPR for Startups: Early-Stage Public Relations

Philly Startup Leaders’ inaugural accelerator cohort invited me to speak about how we’ve been helping our clients navigate these changes, and about when it’s right for a small company to hire a public relations agency. I’ll convert this into a more polished video for our company site soon, but I wanted to share the deck and audio from our session.


How to nail your next job interview

For my speaking engagement at Rosemont College, I put together a quick deck featuring six steps job seekers can use for successful


Story Placement and “The New PR”

When I talk to business owners and company leaders about why they think their messages aren’t getting traction with public relations or

Bokeh Lights
Content Marketing

Cadence counts. Cadence converts.

Stop pretending your audience has burned out on your message. That’s the message I delivered at a recent seminar on content marketing

Content Strategy

Forget 140 characters.

The first 11 letters of your headline determine whether someone’s going to digest your message. Jakob Nielsen summarized some of his group’s

Personal Blog

This room feels familiar.

Kickstarter looks and acts just like some of the 2.0 designs for public radio pledge interfaces I built for XPN back in

Newspaper Honor Boxes
Content Marketing

Fake Followers, Empty Calories

There’s a school of thought that believes you should pay about $14 to add 5,000 new Twitter followers to your account, so

Authorship and brand voice.

Ryan Smith has ignited a debate in newsrooms and marketing agencies across America, in the wake of exposing his (now former) employer,

On paying by the word for web copy.

For all the posturing we make about being casual and transparent online, web copywriters don’t always make their pricing clear. We’ve had

Surviving chaos.

Researching a freelance writing assignment for a client, I ended up on a website run by survivalists. I’m hesitant to even link

Happy Independence Day.

Happy Fourth of July! Before I head out to enjoy some red velvet pancakes, parades, and fireworks, I’m going to explain what’s