I’ve maintained some form of personal weblog since 1997. Here’s a collection of all the things I’ve published to my personal site, along with some highlights from other places I’ve been published.

Principles of Lean Project Management

Most project managers decide to use lean project management strategies when faced with budget cuts or other constraints. Tasked with eliminating waste

Risk Management for Project Managers

Although companies use the phrase “risk management” to refer to numerous initiatives, project management professionals focus their efforts on predicting the events

Best Practices of Project Management

Business leaders have identified five critical areas where project management professionals can help their teams excel. These best practices of project management

Time Tracking Software for Employees

As companies strive for higher efficiency and accountability, system administrators are frequently tasked with finding the best time tracking software for their

Gantt and the Early 20th Century

Part two in my series on the history of project management: While Frederick Taylor battled over productivity issues with foremen and with

How to Prepare Your Office for CRM

How to Prepare Your Office for CRMBusiness surveys show that more than half of CRM solutions actually fail because of poor implementation.

Desktop Publishing Careers

Desktop Publishing Careers According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, just over one third of desktop publishing professionals work in