I’ve maintained some form of personal weblog since 1997. Here’s a collection of all the things I’ve published to my personal site, along with some highlights from other places I’ve been published.

Personal Finance

The Making of Barclaycard Ring

In an era of big bank consolidation, I’m excited that the folks from Barclaycard have chosen to leverage their “clean brand” to

Food and Drink

Five Weird Food Combos

I don’t always just write about personal finance and music. My first food blog post landed at The Daily Meal this week.

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Personal Finance

Credit Cards of the Future

Fox Business, NASDAQ, and many other outlets in our CardRatings syndicate picked up my feature on four technology trends that could change

Marketing & Promotion

Multiple Audiences, Multiple Networks

When I helped relaunch XPN‘s online presence over 10 years ago, our biggest concern was unifying the experience across multiple platforms. At

Personal Blog

Why we never cut the cord.

I declared victory over the need to get a cable box in the new apartment in this post from a few months


Put the Sleeper Hold on Boring Meetings

Productivity gurus love to pick on lame meetings. But let’s be realistic…even top creative professionals have to endure meetings with clients or

Snow’s Melting

Almost two weeks later, and the snow still reminds me more of Ithaca than of anything I grew up with around here.

Small Business CRM Updates

December highlights from the Small Business CRM Software Blog: Don’t Sabotage Your CRM Software Project in 2010 Eating CRM Software Leftovers in

Credit Card News Updates

 Recent updates from my credit card news blog at Fewer card delinquencies expected in 2010. (It could be because we all

First Snow of Winter

Even though it's our second winter back north, it still feels like a surprise to wake up to this. Especially since it